since 2009

since 2009

Photos from my archive, new and old stuff from the world of skateboarding. All logo designs by Eduardo Pigatto, Brazil (Cover Photo by Alexander Schulte-Stemmerck, all other photos by Chris Eggers unless otherwise noted)

Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

Pogo´s archives

Ralf "Pogo" Vogt aus Konstanz hat vor kurzem sein Archiv durchsucht und mir ein paar Photos geschickt. Sweeper Pogo style über den bridge of death channel in Konstanz 199?, Photo ?
Ralf "Pogo" Vogt from Konstanz opened his archive a while back and sent me a few photos. Sweeper Pogo style over the bridge of death channel in Konstanz 199? Photo by ?

Photo für eine Gulwing Werbung mit Thomas "Kellogs" Keller

Photo for a Gullwing ad with Thomas "Kellogs" Keller

Pogo´s Bildbezeichnung dazu war schlicht: "Heaven"

Pogos title for this pic was simply "heaven"

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