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since 2009

Photos from my archive, new and old stuff from the world of skateboarding. All logo designs by Eduardo Pigatto, Brazil (Cover Photo by Alexander Schulte-Stemmerck, all other photos by Chris Eggers unless otherwise noted)

Montag, 13. Januar 2014

Shadow on the wall

Treat me like I'm evil,
Freeze me 'til I'm cold.
Beat me 'til I'm feeble,
Grab me 'til I'm old.
Fry me 'til I'm tired,
Push me 'til I fall.
Treat me like a criminal,
Just a shadow on the wall!
Wie passend Mike Oldfields Text von "Shadow on the wall" für Ben Andrews wallride ist.
er ist ein übel guter skater
 das wird lange dauern bis er kalt ist denn er ist heiß
 ja, er kann feeble grinds
 alt wird er nie werden, skateboarderforlife
 das dauert lange bei ihm
er pusht immer so lange bis er den Trick eingetütet hat
ja, so behandeln wir ihn :-)
Aber sein Schatten an der Wand zeigt, wie hoch sein wallride im Rock´n´Roll Bowl war!

How fitting Mike Oldfields text of "Shadow in the wall" is for Ben Andrews wallride.
he is an evil good skater
it will take long for him to become cold because he is hot!
yes, he can do feeble grinds
you can grab him for a long time until he gets old
he wont´t get tired, skateboarderforlife
he always pushes until the trick is done
we treat him like that :-)
Just his shadow on the wall can tell how close to the roof his wallride at the Rock´n´Roll bowl was!

Bonus wall plant
Das milde Wetter erlaubte im Bowl heiße Sessions, Tim layback air
The mild weather made some hot sessions at the bowl
AlEx kickflip indy grab to fakie
AlEx frontside desaster

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