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since 2009

Photos from my archive, new and old stuff from the world of skateboarding. All logo designs by Eduardo Pigatto, Brazil (Cover Photo by Alexander Schulte-Stemmerck, all other photos by Chris Eggers unless otherwise noted)

Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

Heating up

Das Wetter wird heisser und so auch unsere Sessions:
The weather is getting hotter and so do our sessions:
Von derselben Muttermilch zu trinken hilt bestimmt für Doubles.
Sven über Steffen Busam
Drinking the same mothers milk certainly helps with doing doubles.
Sven over Steffen Busam.

Neue und Bekannte Gesichter bei jeder Session.
Jo Erkmann, Ollie to fakie
New and known guys show up at each session

Alex macht immer höhere frontside airs. Auf jeden Fall eine Bereicherung der Sessions.
Alex is getting higher each time, enriching the sessions 
Steffen mal slob grab 
Als willkommene Abwechslung von den ganzen stink bugs mal einen Tucknee, danke Sven.
A welcome change from all the stink bug grabs, a tucknee by Sven. Thank you! 
Bonus double

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  1. Very impressing - I can't judge their level by the pics, but I suppose they are not "little players".
    I guess they are among the best ramp riders around.
    Bravo ;-)