since 2009

since 2009

Photos from my archive, new and old stuff from the world of skateboarding. All logo designs by Eduardo Pigatto, Brazil (Cover Photo by Alexander Schulte-Stemmerck, all other photos by Chris Eggers unless otherwise noted)

Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

Vert will never die, ever.....

Jean Postec, indy to fakie, NL Contest No. 5, Straßbourg, France
Neue Skateparks mit Vert, mehr Vertvideos und Photos in Magazines und Websites, große Vert- und Poolcontests, X-Games, Maloof Money Cup, Pro Tec Pool Party, Bowl-O-Rama und so weiter und so weiter....ich habe das Gefühl (hatte ich eh schon immer) vert skateboarding wird nie sterben, aber so in den letzten 2 Jahren hab ich so das Gefühl es wird wieder mehr und beliebter.
New skateparks with vert, more vertvideos and photos in magazines and websites, big vert- and poolcontests, X-Games, Maloof Money Cup, Pro Tec Pool Party, Bowl-O-Rama etc., etc..........I have the feeling (as I ever had) it will never die, but I also have the feeling that it got more popular again the last two years.

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