since 2009

since 2009

Photos from my archive, new and old stuff from the world of skateboarding. All logo designs by Eduardo Pigatto, Brazil (Cover Photo by Alexander Schulte-Stemmerck, all other photos by Chris Eggers unless otherwise noted)

Freitag, 10. September 2010

Hommage to the Pipes

Mein neues Cruiser-, Einkaufsdeck. Tunnel Baldy Pipeline Model, Tracker RTS/RTX, Alligator 62 mm 79 A wheels
My new cruiser-, shoppingdeck. Tunnel Baldy Pipeline model, Tracker RTS/RTX, Alligator wheels 62 mm 79 A

Das Logo zu Ehren der Mutter aller Pipes, Baldy. Ich verspreche am Wochenende eine Fullpipe zu skaten.
The logo honoring the mother of all pipes, Baldy. I promise to ride a full pipe this weekend.
Nein, ich werde mein Upland Pipeline outfit nicht tragen, aber ich dachte es ist an der Zeit es mal zu zeigen.
No, I will not wear my Upland Pipeline outfit, but I thought it would be fitting to show it now.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Wunderbar !
    Nice lil' red riding cruizer, and glorious outfit !