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since 2009

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Montag, 21. September 2009


Zwei meiner derzeit nicht zusammengebauten Slalomdecks.
Links ein Fibreflex- deck, das ich mal Attila abgekauft habe, ich glaube es handelt sich um einen Prototyp eines nicht in Produktion gegangenen boards. Bischen schwer.
Rechts ein Jani Söderhall S-camber von Airflow. Sehr kurz und gut geeignet für super tight slalom. Die S-Form ist aber wirklich gewöhnungsbedürftig, ich kam nie so gut damit zurecht.
Two of my slalomdecks that are currently not set up. Left is a Fibreflex deck I bought from Attila. I think it is a prototype of a deck that did not go into production. A little on the heavy side.
On the right a Jani Söderhall S-camber from Airflow. very short and good for super tight slalom, The S-shape takes a while to get used to. I never really started to like it.

2 Kommentare:

  1. I have the same Airflow - I hope I will be able to post sthing about it and Jani someday.
    In my opinion, very short board !

    Fibreflex: what size ? What is the usual set-up ?
    I also bought some Slalom Kryps from Attila last year.

  2. The Fibreflex is (I think) 32 " x 8 ".
    It was setup with Tracker
    RTS (back) and RTX (front) and 3DM Avilas 82A/86A and RadPads.
    It ws a nice board but it does nothave any concave or anti foot slip device. )I don´t like foot blockers)